The Creative Warrior Festival, Ruse, 2020

„Know thyself“ Cognosce te ipsum! 


„The lord of the universe is not the one who conquers others, but the one who conquers himself“

The Creative Warrior Festival 

Фестивал на творческия Воин

Hello everyone, are you ready for the challenge? Come and join the extraordinary our § your event!


14 Aug. – 16 Aug. 2020 (event extension till 17 Aug. in Tutrakan)




Master – teachers: Cornelia Gruber, Switzerland & Maria Nedelcheva,Bulgaria. Other master teachers will also join.


The event will include wushu, taichi, qigong, warming up, routines for good health, games, pantomime, folk dances, music and more… workshops, demonstrations, teamwork, creative challenges…

You can choose at any time what and how to join. Everyone is welcome!

The idea

The idea is the festival to include a wide range of participants – adults, young people and children, practicing taichi and wushu, artists, as well as those who have not practiced so far but are interested:

  • Open to the new, the unusual.
  • Followers of tradition
  • Incorporating different arts and creative reunions, different points of view and perspectives.

Main theme of the event

The main theme of the event – Movement, thought and breathing +

  • interconnection between taichi, wushu, qigong, tui shou/push hands/, pantomime, folk dance, music, painting, etc.
  • interconnection between taichi and health, youth, vitality
  • interconnection between taichi and other arts
  • creative application of this knowledge and their general principles

Why should I join the event?

1. Because it is unusual and because everyone can find their own interests.

2. Everyone is welcome: adults, young people and children. 

3. Because we will be in a wonderful, magical, fabulous place / places

4. Because the challenge involves:

  • Unusual and creative  points of view and perspectives /as well as traditional ones/
  • Things that are sure to be interesting, useful and inspiring.
  • Because we will create the event together and participate in our creation. Magical or traditional – we choose ourselves and participate as we wish /everyone chooses himself/
  • We’ll be able to attend / or try / or participate in the creation – or all of this together!

And also because:

  • Because the basic conditions for conducting our § your unusual event are great:
  • an unusual inspirational idea and wonderful people who, together and creatively, will realize the idea. You § We.
  • opportunity for outdoor activities, amidst the beautiful nature of the parks and the remarkable architectural urban environment. All venues conveniently located in close proximity. With a very pleasant climate. The largest river in Europe – the Danube is along the beautiful coast of the city of Ruse and Tutrakan, where we will have the unique opportunity to live and carry out the activities of the event in this fabulous environment.
  • living conditions: comfortable, beautiful, pleasant, meeting modern requirements and aesthetics. At one step from all the venues of the event and at very reasonable prices.
  • very pleasant places for relaxation, famous traditional and modern restaurants with delicious, rich variety of food and unique drinks.

Please note that:

Convenient transport communications. The town of Ruse is only an hour and a half drive from the Bucharest International Airport (Otopeni, Romania). More info – see below

The Teachers

In the event you will be supported actively, competent and traditional (or unconventional) with knowledge, skills, experience, ideas, challenges and, of course, with love, by master – teachers:

Cornelia Gruber Bilgeri from Switzerland

Cornelia was born in the year of the Dragon in the German part of Switzerland and lived for 7 years in Boston USA. At the age of eighteen she fell in love with Tai-Chi Chuan at a major martial arts exhibition in New York. She has been studying internal arts ever since and is teaching for almost 40 years in her own schools in La Chaux-de-Fonds and Neuchâtel, Switzerland. 

Her first tai-chi teachers were John Chung Li, T.T. Liang and William C.C. Chen, before she became a student of  Sifu Bow Sim Mark. Her syllabus includes Combined Tai-Chi Chuan, Fu-style Tai-Chi Chuan, Sword, Sabre, short Stick, Fan, Leung Yee Chuan, Tui Shou, San Shou and Qigong. She teaches seminars in Europe and regularly attends international meetings. Cornelia served many years as a member of the Executive Committee of the TCFE (European Federation for Taijiquan and Qigong) and the ASQT (Swiss Association of Qigong and Taijiquan) and she organised over 20 years the bi-annual international meeting of Tai-Chi Chuan and Qigong, Tai-Chi Tcho in Switzerland.

Workshop 1:

Tui Shou fine tuning

We will progressively move from superficial outside contact with a partner to refined inside contact. As a means to develop effortless pushing we will use games as well as specialized body training and moving meditation based on images. Accessible to all players.

Workshop 2:

Feel more Qi in your Taijiquan! We explore a different way of moving in the form – the way of fascia training which will allow us totapp into our innate power and increase the qi feeling. This practice is for experienced tai-chi players.

Maria Nedelcheva from Bulgaria

  • Practiced wushu, taiji and qigong since 1985
  • 4-th DUAN Technical Degree  EWUF, Red Level Master at Old Yang Taiji Yang Jia Lao Jia Traditional School in    Taiwan
  • Two-time European Champion – Taiji and Wushu /Traditional/; European Vice-Champion – Taijiquan 42
  • Winner and awarded many medals, cups and Cup 1st place for AA /6 disciplines – 6 gold medals/ from major international competitions. • She has played dramatic acting and pantomime on the professional stage for 17 years, with appearances in Bulgaria, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, China, Greece and more. 

– Mathematics, physics, literature, photography, theater, pantomime, film art, fine arts, music, sports, Chinese martial arts.- Mathematical High School, Higher Engineering Institute, National Academy of Theater and Film Arts, Dramatic Theaters, National Sports Academy, Beijing Diplomatic College for Chinese Language and Culture, active self-education in different spheres of culture, spiritual knowledge, healthy lifestyles, self-improvement.

All this by the will of fate has been mixed, mutually enriched, supplemented with creative and pedagogical activity. And, of course, as with all people – the exams of the largest university – Life. Theater professionals predict her world career. And this begins to happen, but at the same time she discovers the Warrior’s Path – Wushu and Taiji/Taichi/- the ancient knowledge of human nature and the evolution of personality.

She chooses without hesitation, convinced of this universal Path for the complete self-improvement of personality. In 1989 Maria created Kalagia Association for the practice of wushu and taiji by people from 5 years to over 65 years. age. Since then, sports successes with more than 1600 medals and numerous cups for the students of the school, won at official international and national competitions, have followed. As a consequence of self-improvement, new forms of expression of the creative personality emerge: Exciting pantomime performances are created in which children and young people practicing wushu and taiji realize their vivid creative imagination.

Styles and Teachers:-Traditional Yang Taiji / Old Yang Taiji Yang Jia Lao Jia / – quan, jian, dao, bang short stick: Grandmaster Teng Shi Hai, Yang Ting Wei, Antoine Ly, Su Jianyong.- Official Yang Taiji / – Quan and Weapons: Prof. Li Qiao Ling, Xiao Qin, Sun Zheng Guan, Valerii Malakhov.- Wushu /: sports-racing: changquan, jian, dao, gun, qiang // traditional: shaolinquan, gun, jian, dao, fanProf. Li Qiao Ling, Xiao Qin, Sun Zheng Guan, Li Ya Jun, Valerii Malakhov.- Qigong /: Lin Kai Ting, Sun Zheng Guan, Wang Jian Jun, Dr. Sheng Fei- Chinese Traditional Massage: Dr. Chang Qia Yuan


/other master teachers will also join/

They will be devotedly and skillfully assisted by Iskra Boneva and Velizara Svetlozarova.


in Ruse:

1. Friday – August 14, 2020 Arrival, accommodation and registration of the

participants in the event

2. Saturday – August 15, 2020  – workshops, seminars, practices, games – at various outdoor places, among parks, and / or in halls

3. Sunday – August 16, 2020 – until 16:00 – workshops, seminars, practices, games 

 – at 6:00 pm to 7:00 pmShow – a demonstration on Central City Square

/everyone – the participants in the event and citizens – spectators can participate, which we can include in the exercise, games and more/

4. Monday – August 17, 2020 in the town of Tutrakan:

– sightseeing in the city,  meeting with the hosts and we will try the emblem of the local cuisine

– short workshops, seminars, practices, games – in the park, on the bank of the Danube

– mini show demonstration in the amphitheater

– Return to Ruse.

/the town of Tutrakan, 60 km from  Ruse, which is also picturesquely situated on the bank of the river Danube. Here people have a unique spirit and an open wide consciousness/

Participation fee

for 14, 15, 16 August 2020 Ruse – 170 EUR
Early bird fee: if you pay before 30 June you will get 20% discount off the regular price – that’s only 140 EUR!
for 17 August 2020 Tutrakan – 50 EUR
Early bird fee: if you pay before 30 June you will get 20% discount off the regular price – that’s only 40 EUR!

The fee includes:
Ruse: Gala Dinner, Participation in Seminars, Workshops
Tutrakan: transport Ruse – Tutrakan – Ruse; lunch – traditional local cuisine, visit the ethnographic complex on the Danube, Workshops.


To be added

Bulgaria is part of Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) which means that all bank transfers are either free for you or the bank fee is very small.

And a very good option!!

From August 09 to August 13 2020 /just before our event in Ruse/ there is an exceptional opportunity for a few days a pleasant holiday on the beach with very attractive pricesAll inclusive in comfortable hotel, sunny rooms, wonderful sand, calm sea and beautiful views. Only 150 meters from the beach, in the resort town of Kiten. Free beach locations, lifeguard, Wi-Fi, TV and more.

All this for 5 days / 4 full board / in rooms with two beds – per person 87 euro in total.

The places available are limited, quickly exhausted. For the participants in our event they will be specially reserved until February 25!

Those who would like to take this opportunity, please contact us as soon as possible: Iskra Boneva, e-mail:

/The transportation from Ruse – Kiten – Ruse will be arranged by prior request./

How to get to Ruse

Ruse is only an hour and a half from Bucharest International Airport (Otopeni, Romania).

Accurate and convenient transportation from Bucharest Airport to Ruse and back via taxi company To4nite @     or call telephone number +359 82 21 2222. Very reasonable prices!

Airline tickets at reasonable prices look up here: &

Link to the official website of Bucharest Henri Coandă International Airport (OTP) –

Accommodation in Ruse

  • Grand Hotel Riga – from 25 EUR/day/person
  • Hotel Splendid Ruse – from 15 EUR/day/person
  • Sky Blue Danube Apartment Ruse – from 40 EUR/day/person
  • A cozy modern apartment in the heart of Ruse
  • Studio Magelan
  • The English Guest House
  • Ruse Central Studio
  • City House Hotel & Restaurant
  • Hostel Ruschuk – from 8 EUR/day/person

Look up also in or for more options to book!

Looking forward to seeing you at The Creative Warrior Festival in Ruse, Bulgaria!


Maria Nedelcheva

tel. 00359 895 620 123

Iskra Boneva

tel. 00359 896 234 543

Facebook: Kalagia Ruse & The Creative Warrior Festival

Expect follow-up Event Information and more